How AI Sales Knowledge Base Model helps Sales team

AI Sales Knowledge Base Model Explained

The AI Sales Knowledge Base Model is designed to provide immediate and accurate information to both your sales team and potential leads.

7Targets AI Sales KB Model This model is created from your website link provided while onboarding.

This model is a part of our AI-driven solutions and is utilized in two key areas:

1. Email Interaction with Leads:

When leads request additional information via email, the AI Sales Assistant plays a crucial role. It intelligently generates a response based on the query, schedules this response for a later time, and then notifies the user (a sales team member). This process allows the user to review and personalize the response before sending it. This feature ensures that the interaction remains engaging and human-like, enhancing the lead’s experience and increasing the likelihood of a successful engagement.

2. Sales Chatbot on Website:

The same AI Sales Knowledge Base Model powers the Sales Chatbot on your website. This chatbot uses the accumulated knowledge to interact with website visitors, answering their queries in real-time. The chatbot’s responses are based on the comprehensive knowledge base, ensuring that the information provided is relevant and helpful. This feature enhances the visitor’s experience on your website, providing them with immediate assistance and potentially increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Key Benefits:

Efficiency in Response:

By automating initial responses and providing a basis for personalized follow-up, the model saves significant time for your sales team.

Retention of Information:

Ensures that the information provided as old as 20 years or earlier is part of the KB and will help generate accurate, and up-to-date, reflecting well on your company’s professionalism and reliability. Which Sales team member will remember this old information or case study.

Enhanced Lead Engagement:

By providing prompt and relevant responses, the model significantly improves the engagement with potential customers.

Seamless Integration:

It integrates seamlessly into your existing sales processes, enhancing them without the need for major changes or additional resources.

How is it used

One has to enable the preferences for that assistant and then it will be active for emails. There after, when a leads asks some questions which needs to be responded back then Assistant will generate an answer based on the KB response. And will notify you too.

Sales KB Preferences

For chatbot, ask for the details from the support team.

Can I update the Sales Knowledge Base

Yes, the KB can be updated using PDF, youtube links and more urls which are publically accesible. Please reach out to support team for this.

In summary, the AI Sales Knowledge Base Model is a dynamic and intelligent tool, designed to streamline communication between your sales team and potential customers, whether through email or via your website’s chatbot. It represents a significant advancement in how sales teams interact with and nurture leads, ultimately contributing to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.



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