How to Delete Leads in 7Targets ?

In 7Targets, managing and removing leads from your account involves utilizing the ‘Deactivated’ and ‘Unsubscribed’ status options, as direct deletion of leads is not supported. This guide will walk you through the process of utilizing these options to effectively remove leads from your list.

Marking Leads as ‘Deactivated’

  1. Reasons for Deactivation: Leads marked as ‘Deactivated’ are those who have explicitly requested to stop receiving emails. This status is used when a lead responds and expresses their desire to discontinue email communication.

  2. Invalid Email: Leads with invalid email addresses, as verified by the assistant, are also marked as ‘Deactivated’. This status is assigned when an email sent to the lead bounces back due to an invalid email address.

Marking Leads as ‘Unsubscribed’

  1. Lead Unsubscription: Leads who click on the unsubscribe link provided in an email are automatically marked as ‘Unsubscribed’. This status indicates that the lead has actively opted out of further email communication.

  2. Unsubscription Requests: Leads who respond to your emails with a request to unsubscribe are also categorized as ‘Unsubscribed’. You will not be able to send any more emails to leads with this status.

By effectively utilizing the ‘Deactivated’ and ‘Unsubscribed’ status options, you can maintain a streamlined lead database, ensuring that your communication efforts are targeted and respectful of your leads’ preferences.

Remember, while direct deletion isn’t available, managing leads using the ‘Deactivated’ and ‘Unsubscribed’ statuses empowers you to maintain a healthy lead pipeline and enhance your communication strategies.



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