What is 7Targets ?

What is 7Targets & How does it work ?

7Targets AI Assistants, is focused on helping B2B companies. Our goals are simple. Targets is an AI-powered B2B sales solution that intend to assists companies in achieving multi-million dollar sales success within 4 to 5 years. It works by creating virtual sales teams, employing specialized sales approaches, and utilizing long terms nurturing, chatbots and data analytics to engage leads and ensure consistent follow-ups.

What we did is nothing new. We have tried to replicate what large companies do in their sales organizations.

Creating many small virtual sales teams in different countries:

  • Specialists instead of generalist sales
  • Sales Conversational chatbots on websites to answer questions for anyone at any time
  • Provide just 2 to 3 pages of technology info followed by 10-15 slides of success stories, showing the deep prowess one has within a market segment.

From a management perspective

Ability to identify and make a call on whether to continue in a market segment or not.

  • Make the process of zoning onto ICP crisper so that the ideal customer profile truly wants your product.

How we do this?

Figure out which leads are engaging more with you in each market segment.

  • Get timely notifications on your WhatsApp, so you can connect with the lead immediately.
  • Get details like how many seconds were spent by the lead on which page of your brochure, so you know the inclination of what your lead is interested in.
  • Ability to expose the same knowledge model created from your website content via chat and email.

Let our Assistants do the repetative work

  • Instead of getting blocked due to bounced emails, allow assistants to find valid/invalid email addresses. Allow assistants to keep the bounce rate under 4%
  • Allow the assistant to remember opening times of when someone opens an email, so the next email is sent around that time, increasing the chances of opening the email.
  • Allow the assistant to follow up after meetings, after sending proposals. Do not drop a lead even by mistake. Follow up, follow up, follow up.
  • Allow the assistant to follow up with you and your team if your team does not answer a lead’s question within 24 hours. Do not allow your team to drop a lead.


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