How to find out why Whatsapp message from Sequence is not going

Message provider configuration

First thing to check is the Message provider configuration.

  1. You may not have created a default message provider
  2. The sender phone number is not approved sender

There is a status and status details which provides the reasons. Solution is to correct the configuration and save the message provider. After saving you can confirm if the leads which are impacted because of this provider configuration can/should be continued followup.

WhatsApp Message

Listing the whatsapp message issues below.

  1. You may not be using an approved template with correct template id.
  2. The variable in the template may not be mapped to the right variable from 7Targets.
  3. The sorrounding brackets `` may not be correct. Like extra or less brackets around the variable.
  4. There may no or extra mapping sign -> that got added or removed while saving

Feel free to reach out to for any assistance required during setup.



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