How to assign a lead to AI assistant using Email CC feature

Apart from new lead follow-up, customers use AI Assistants for Quotation followups, proposal follow-ups, and payment followups as well. All you need to do is to CC the appropriate assistant when sending the quotation or proposal email to your prospect/lead.

Follow these simple steps to exclude domains and email addresses.


Create sequence for EmailCC. You can clone Recommended for Email CC sequence already existing in Org Messages under Sequence. Note, For Email-CC sequences, follow-up will start with the SECOND message. Your email, where you cc the assistant is considered as the first email, hence the first email in the E-mail CC sequence is ignored.


Go to assistant and click on Edit Assistant or you can create a new Assistant too.


Scroll down and click on Defaults to expand


For Default Email-CC Sequence, choose the sequence you created for e-mail CC in step1 from the drop-down list.


Scroll down and click on Options to expand it


Select checkboxes Add Lead when assistant is Cc'ed in email, Mark Email CC Leads at risk when Processed with no Response and Automatically add Lead referenced in out of office email. Blue tick appears as you select/check them.


Click on the Save button on the bottom left corner of your screen


Copy AI Assistant Email address


Open your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) to send an email to the lead and CC the assistant by pasting the assistant e-mail id we copied in step 9. [Note, The Email address you use to add leads using the E-mail CC feature must be ‘Assistant user’ Link to check assistant user]


Assistant will send a confirmation email notification after the lead is added, so you can make any changes if you want to. How does the Assistant decide the name for this lead ? Read here


Click on the View lead button in the mail received in step 10 to view lead in 7Targets. Correct name or anything else you want to.

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