Message Library

Message Library

Message Library provides you a rich Out of the box message templates, with the intent to get you started easily. There are examples from some of worlds excellent email template collections. We will continue to add more groups and more messages in each group, so continue to revisit the message library often. If you are looking for specific message sequences, feel free to ask for more email templates at

Message Library Group You can click on any of the groups to see the out of the box messages in that group.

How to Use

You will have to click view icon of the message which you want to use. ALERT: Put the text in the place holders marked by [ ] of that message and save the message so that it now become YOUR template.

This will be saved as a Custom Message and you will be able to see it in your Custom Message.

Add these messages, like any other custom messages, in your email Sequence.

Questions answered

  • Do you guys provide some working Out of the box message templates?
  • How do I use Messages from the Library ?


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