What you get

You can be assign (potential) client contacts from JobAdder to 7Targets AI Sales Assistant directly. AI Assistant will then ‘be the owner’ of the contact/lead. Now the assistant will nurture this lead, send emails to this leads, with a goal to get a meeting. Assistant will update all the communication details (emails) in JobAdder.

After AI Assistant is done with her job, Assistant will change the status of the lead to Active/Inactive lead status. For eg. if the lead says ‘he is not interested in having you as a vendor’, lead status will change to ‘Inactive’. If the lead responds with ‘I would like a meeting’ - status is changed to ‘Active’.

Setup Details

Important Note: JobAdder Admin level access is required. Org Admin access on 7Targets is required too.

If you are not already authorized to setup the integration, then Authorize yourself by clicking this link authorise.

You can confirm or check your integration connectivity from 7Targets “Org Messages”->”CRM Details”. The CRM Details section below has the Meanings of different statuses.

Once Authorization is complete, follow below steps for further configuration.

Step 1

Create individual statuses for each assistant in JobAdder under Account->Admin->Contacts->Status. The status value has to be in this format Assign to <assistant email without the part>
e.g. if Assistant’s email address is, then status value would be Assign to ashley@tesla Remember to click on Save after adding the status.

Create as many statuses based on the number of Assistants you have. So that you can assign to the right leads to the right assistants from JobAdder itself. You maybe creating different specialist sales assistants for each sector/geo, and hence this facility can give you a personalization edge over generic emails.

Contact Status in JobAdder

Step 2

After the above step is done we have to sync it with 7Targets. So, in 7Targets go to “Org Messages”->”CRM Details”. Click the Sync Assistants button to verify if the status for each Assistant is created in JobAdder and link the right Contact Status in JobAdder with the right Assistant in 7Targets. Verify the CRM Integration Status against each Assistant.

Meaning of CRM Integration Status:

ASSISTANT_EXISTS_AS_USER_IN_CRM : You are all set. Go ahead and assign the contact from JobAdder to the Assistant by changing the status of that Contact in JobAdder. That contact will be seen as a lead in 7Targets within 1-2 mins. Assistant will also update the note for the contact in JobAdder.
ALL_WORKING_WELL : All set, it is working well for you. You have already assigned contact in JobAdder to the Assistant and Assistant is working on it too.
ASSISTANT_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_AS_USER_IN_CRM : Go back to step 1 above. If you are still facing issues, drop an email to
ASSISTANT_NOT_YET_CREATED : Follow Step 1 onwards.

3. Verify (in 7Targets) that your Assistant has a ‘Default Context’ and a ‘Default Sequence’. These settings are available on ‘Edit Assistant’ page. Default context and Default Sequence is used by the Assistant to create emails for any lead assigned to that assistant from JobAdder. Unfortunately, you cannot change the sequence/context from within JobAdder, since there are no such fields present in JobAdder today.

4. You are all set. Assign a contact in JobAdder to the Assistant and verify that you see the lead in 7Targets in the “Leads” page. As well check that Assistant would have left a note in the Contact Activity in JobAdder. Confirmation Note from Assistant

Feel free to reach out to for any help required in setup

How it works

  • After the contact in JobAdder is assigned to the Assistant by changing the status, Assistant will own it for nurturing. Assistant will use the default Sequence and Context as configured in 7Targets.
  • Assistant will leave a note of confirmation.
  • All the emails that Assistant sends or receives are logged in JobAdder too.
  • After Assistant is done with the work, the contact status is changed. For example, if there is a response from the lead, then Assistant will stop further emails and change the status to “Active contact”.

Lead State to JobAdder Contact State Mapping

Assistant updates the JobAdder Contact Status as per the below mapping:

7Targets Lead State JobAdder Contact Status
Cold Assign to <assistant email> in 7Targets
Engaged Assign to <assistant email> in 7Targets
Warm Active Contact
Hot Active Contact
Responded Active Contact
UnSubscribed Inactive Contact
DeActivated Inactive Contact
Processed Active Contact
New Active Contact

Assignment of JobAdder Contact

One or more contacts from JobAdder can be assigned to the Assistant by changing the status of Contact/s from JobAdder to Assign to <assistant> in 7Targets as show in the below image:

Assign to Assistant

While assigning multiple Contacts to Assistant from JobAdder it may happen that existing Contact is reselected and tried to set the state to “Assign to Assistant…” . This is like reassignment of the Contact to the Assistant. Below are the possible outcomes based on different scenarios.

  1. Lead in 7Targets is 7Target is already processed. Then Assistant will restart the followup and start sending the email as per the default sequence of the Assistant.
  2. Lead in 7Targets is 7Target is being worked on by the Assistant. Then Assistant will not make any change in 7Targets, the processing will continue as is.
  3. Lead in 7Targets exists(same email id) as it was directly added to 7Targets. In this case, Assistant assumes that user is trying to add a new lead with same email id. So assistant will leave a note on JobAdder Contact that a duplicate lead already exists in 7targets. This will not change anything for the existing Lead in 7Targets.

Adding/Removing Assistants in 7Targets

If new Assistants are added or existing Assistants name/email id is changed then follow the Step1 and Step2 again from Setup Details

If some Assistant is Deactivated in 7Targets then manually remove the corresponding Contact->Status in JobAdder too.

Questions answered

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  • What are the setup steps JobAdder ?
  • How do I assign the Contact to the Assistant from within JobAdder ?


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