Why do you see fewer leads from your Excel file than the number of rows?

Duplicate Email IDs in Excel Leads

There can be a discrepancy between the total number of rows in your Excel file and the actual count of leads present. This discrepancy often arises from the presence of duplicate email IDs scattered across multiple rows. Resolving this issue involves following a few simple steps to ensure accurate lead counts:

Identifying and Filtering Duplicate Email Addresses

  1. Open your Excel file and navigate to the column containing email addresses.
  2. Utilize Excel’s built-in filtering capabilities to identify and filter out duplicate email addresses within the column.
  3. This filtering process will help you distinguish unique leads from duplicated ones effectively.

Removing Duplicate Values

  1. Once you’ve identified the duplicate email addresses, proceed to eliminate them from your dataset.
  2. This step ensures that each lead is counted only once, preventing overestimation of lead numbers.

Comprehensive Instructions

For a more detailed guide on how to filter for unique values or remove duplicates in Excel, refer to Microsoft Support - Filter for Unique Values or Remove Duplicate Values.

By meticulously following these steps and addressing duplicate email addresses, you will obtain an accurate and reliable count of unique leads within your Excel file. This process not only ensures data accuracy but also contributes to more informed decision-making based on reliable information.



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