How to verify, approve and then add leads from a excel file

Most companies buy data from third parties. Or have a junior team work on collecting contacts. Those contacts are then uploaded into the system in a required format, and then someone else, who understands the business, uses those contacts to start a campaign.

7Targets supports this 2 step process,

  • where one person uploads an XL file of contacts,
  • and second person approves those contacts and starts a campaign using them.

Once the ‘uploader’ uploads a file, the file is verified by the AI Assistants offline. If file is invalid, then the uploader get an email from the AI Assistant. If the file format is valid, an email is sent to the uploader as well as the approver that the file is successfully uploaded. File format is verified.

Validity of emails is NOT done in this step. Just format of the file is validated. Once the approver get a notification, then he/she can verify if those are the right leads that need to be added to the system. To proceed, the approver can go ahead with ‘Add Lead’ action, and get started with the lead nurturing campaign. Detailed step by step instructions are given below.


Go to ‘Leads’ and click on Add Leads


Go to Multiple leads and provide values for ‘Got leads from’, ‘Assistant’, ‘More Context’, etc.



  1. Tick the check-box for ‘Only Upload’
  2. Drag and drop the excel file to be uploaded
  3. Select the sequence and start date
  4. If you want to copy someone else in the upload notification, click on ‘copy upload notification’ and it will take you to the Notification configuration.



On successful excel upload, an email is sent by the AI Sales Assistant. Forward this email to any other approver if required. Approver can verified the leads, the selected Assistant, the Sequence, and the date-time - change them as needed, and then proceed with adding the leads.



Click on “Add Leads” button in the email.


  1. You can click on the file name to download the uploaded file and check if it is correct
  2. Note the total leads identified in the file
  3. Click on the Add Leads to verify more details and then add leads


Verify action brings up the below screen. Verify other details like sequence, etc. change if required. Then click on Add Leads.


  1. Check the right Assistant and user is selected along with context, more information and tags
  2. Make sure that Sequence and Start At is correct
  3. Click on Add Lead for one final confirmation


Click on ‘Add Leads’ opens the final confirmation window. Provide the details and confirm the action


  1. Type the Assistant name.
  2. Note the start date and tick the check box
  3. Click on Yes as final confirmation

You are done with this. The leads will be added and Assistant will work on it.

Notify Approver on Upload

In the Assistant tab. For the selected Assistant and Lead Import Notification. You can add a Copy To email id. When the file is uploaded then Assistant will notify you and the person in the Copy To.

The Copy To person can be the approver who can then click on the Add Leads button in the email notification to verify and actually add leads.


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