How to Nurture leads using AI Sales Assistant

One of the most important features of 7Targets is lead nurturing. You can upload nurturing messages to each assistant in just a few simple steps. AI Sales assistant then dynamically attaches these nurturing messages to every follow-up email in the ‘PS’ section.

To know more about nurturing please visit this page.


Follow these simple steps to upload the nurturing information.

Step 1

Sign in to your account.

Click on ‘Assistant’ tab as shown below.


You’ll be directed to this page.


Step 2

Select the assistant you want to add nurturing information to.

Click on the ‘Nurture’ button of that assistant as shown.


Step 3

Click on the ‘Add Row’ button to add the nurturing message.


Step 4

Now either you can edit the message in the section shown, or you can paste the already available message here.


This is a sample of how your nurturing messages can be. You should copy the messages one at a time.


Step 5

Paste it in the section shown below.

To add the next message, click on the ‘+’ (plus) button and then repeat step 4.


Step 6

You can also verify the links used in the messages are working or not.

Click on the button ‘Copy and Verify Links’.

You will be directed to a new window. Paste the link you want to verify there and then click ‘Check Status’.


Step 7

Click on ‘Save’ button at the left bottom corner.


We recommend you have vertical / industry specific Assistant. Success stories or testimonials from other customers of the same vertical / industry would interest leads better.

If you have any further doubts you can directly mail us at



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