How to find the reason for not added leads from uploaded excel

You may have uploaded an excel file and some of the leads from the excel file are not added.

You may want to find out the reason for each. The reason for each of the lead not added is mentioned in an _invalid.csv file which can be downloaded by clicking on the number in the Not Added column for that specific file.

Below are the steps to follow:

Upload History

Open the upload history page.

Not Added

For the file where you see a count value under column Not Added. That is the number of leads not added from that specific file.


Click on the count to download the _invalid.csv file.

Invalid csv

You can open the downloaded CSV in microsoft excel go the end of each row and you will see the reason for not adding that specific lead.


You can take corrective action, save the file and upload this file again for adding those leads.

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