How to build and use the HTML email in 7Targets ?

7Targets supports basic HTML, same level of you have an HTML email template, you can copy-paste or import it from your local PC and create a custom HTML message in 7Targets.Similar to a simple gmail like editor, you can create a custom message containing pictures and relevant links. Following are the steps that you need to follow.


Create custom message

  1. Go to Org Messages->Custom Messages and click on Create button


  • Type the name of your choice
  • Write the introduce me message you want to have
  • Save this custom message

    Edit custom message

    1. Click on the View/Edit Icon highlighted in the image. image

      Upload your HTML

    2. The following page will open up where you will have an option to Upload your HTML. image


    3. Click on Save.

      Use custom message

    4. You an use this newly created custom message in a Sequence by cloning it.Once you clone existing Sequence add the newly created custom message in the list of meesages to be sent to the lead.Make sure to click on Make Default to make this sequence default for your Assistant while sending emails to the leads. image


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