How exactly does a salesperson drop a lead? How to fix the problem?

Generating leads is important. It creates sales and increases organic customers. For Converting leads into customers, the salesperson needs to be on this toes, respond back quickly, do follow-ups. Sometimes salesperson forgets to follow-up and the company looses a potential client. This is a significant cost (opportunity loss).


According to what we have seen so far, EACH salesperson forgets to follow up at least 2 leads every month. Even with the best CRMs! Founders and seniors forget because they are busy. Junior sales, interns forget because they dont KNOW the meaning of VALUE OF AN OPPORTUNITY.

Even if you assume that each opportunity is worth a $1000, 2 misses per month is $2000 per month. If you have 10 sales guys, its $20k leaking from opportunity pipeline.

Recruitment Companies

In 7Targets, we have a feature of sending follow-up emails automatically, to leads who do not reply. Even after Sales person responds to the initial email from the prospect, where he/she thinks his job is pretty much done, the salesperson forgets to keep track of this lead, because he thinks the lead will respond. Guess what. Its a busy world. Most people you approach are anyway seniors and are out of time. Each salesperson must expect that his email is NOT GOING TO BE READ. This expectation of expecting a response after sending the brochure is exactly where sales drops leads. We all know, changing human behavior is more difficult than going to Mars. And here is where AI Sales Assistants come to the rescue. AI Sales Assistants pick up the followup tasks and minimizes the human effort and increase the chances of conversion.

You can try this process manually via your existing CRM and try to bring high discipline in sales with regular daily standing meetings. Or you can try 7Targets. The explanation of how you can do successful follow-ups using 7Targets is below.

Step 1

Select the files which you want to look into. If a Salesperson has uploaded leads using 3 files in last month, you can go to leads and select “multiple lead upload”


Step 2

You can also select the files you need from “all filters”.


Step 3

Select the files you want to choose and then apply filters. Now all the chosen leads will be shown


Step 4

Click on responses.


Here you can see the number of responded leads.

Step 5

Click on one of the leads you want to first look into. Here, the ‘Two Ticks’ denotes that the email is opened by the lead. And the ‘Link’ icon indicates that the lead has clicked on one of the links in that email. [You can get special notifications on SPECIFIC links as well. If someone has come to your pricing page (or downloaded a core definitive guide), and you would like Assistant to send a IMMEDIATE WhatsApp + Email notification, you can get it]


Step 6

Dropping the leads Here, im this case, the lead has opened the email. You can also see that the lead has not opened any attached links.


At this stage the salesperson thinks that he has sent the email response and his work is done but that’s the point where lead gets dropped 8 out of 10 times. After this communication, the entire conversation goes cold, and your salesperson does check back on a few leads, but forgets to check back on at least 2 leads each month.


Step 7

How to fix this problem of ‘tracking leads that were sent an email already’?

Assume we were to reply to the lead today. Click on the reply as shown in the image. You’ll be directed to this page.


Scroll down and you’ll see the option “If no reply, followup using Reply follow-up sequence”

Tick that checkbox and then follow ups will be activated. The Assistant will automatically followup this thread based on the sequence in ‘Reply followup sequence’. You can create your own ‘Reply followup sequences’ for different types of follow-ups.


Step 8

Here, are those 3 followup emails that we ship out of the box image

Here’s the follow up message


Step 9

Reply Followup is on by default and uses the ReplyFollowup sequence. If you want to change the defaults you can go that specific Assistant’s preference, make changes and save.



That’s how every month 2 leads are missed. Assuming each lead is worth $1000, so per month you’re facing a valuable loss of $2000. To prevent this opportunity loss, try using 7Targets with this awesome auto reply mechanism and you will see more happy sales people.

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