Tell Assistant to send an email from a different schedule sequence after someone opens an email

This came as a request from one of our long time customers.

They wanted to send a different email sequence when lead opens an email.

Here is a preference setting that can make this happen. Select the new schedule sequence to be used when an email is opened. If the existing schedule is different that specified in the preference then the lead would be put on this new preferred schedule.

To avoid sending duplicate emails, the preferred schedule and existing schedule is checked. If it is same then this preference does not come in effect.

Below are the steps to use this feature.


This is Assistant specific preference. So open the preference page and go to the preference show in below image.

Select the schedule you want. If it is left empty then this preference does not apply, which is the default behavior too.


Remember to save after change.


If this preference is not set, then the next email in current sequence is sent irrespective of whether the email is read or not.

Cold lead will become Engaged and then Warm based on number of emails opened by the lead.

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