Does Assistant send emails on public holidays?

Assistant doesn’t send emails to lead on lead’s public holidays by default.

The Assistant tries to figure out public holidays based on where the lead is from and doesn’t send an email on those days. For example, if the lead is from the US, the 4th of July is a public holiday, so the assistant won’t send an email on that day.

You can change this behaviour by changing the value of the preference.


After going to that Assistant specific preference. Search for this specific preference by typing holiday.
You will see something that looks like the picture below. You can choose to check or uncheck the preference and save based on your needs.



How does Assistant get to know about the leads location. You can put the location of the leads in an Excel column called “location” when you upload or add them. If the location is not given, the Assistant will try to figure it out when the lead opens the email.

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