Lead Source

Lead Source

Lead source is an important attribute based on which Assistant writes the contextual email. Below are some lead sources, this is not an exhaustive list. We continue to add more sources as our customers requests for.

  • Event
  • Website
  • Upsell
  • Meeting
  • Phone Meeting

Typically after an Event one may get few leads. Few of them are Hot and the sales people will engage with them to take the discussion ahead. Remaining need to be owned by someone in marketing or sales operations team to try and reach out multiple times over a period after the event and check if there is a need for what you offer. Such leads when assigned to the AI Assistant with event name as context, the assistant will make sure no lead is dropped.

Website as a lead source can be used when the lead has visited your website and provided or submitted the email id. The offering/product/solution will be the right thing to provide in the context for the AI Assistant to write the emails properly.

Upsell is typically used if there is something new or different value to offer to the existing customers.

Meeting and Phone Meeting are to be used for the leads from face to face meeting and phone meetings respectively. Sales people tend to meet people informally too and want to make sure that the lead is not dropped. Use this source when creating such leads with right context.

Questions answered

  • What are the various Lead Sources and when do I use which ?
  • I want a new Lead source, what do I do ?


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