Lead List

Lead List

Existing leads assigned to the Assistant can be viewed with detail information in the Lead List.

Filtering and Searching is possible. You can filter by dates, state, assistant, sequence, upload files. And can type part of the name, email or phone number to search specific lead.

On click of the lead row, it expands to show the possible actions and timeline graph.

Lead Timeline

Email communication between the lead and the Assistant can be seen in the timeline view on expanding a specific lead from the lead list.

Timeline view shows all the communication done and is scheduled as per the timeline. Clicking on any of the dates in the timeline view shows the message that was Sent or Received or any Note created. Note the scheduled messages along with the date. Assistant will send similar message as shown in the scheduled message, if it is a generated message. But if it is your custom message then it will send the right one.

Lead Actions

Various actions are possible on a lead seen in the lead list.

  • Message action lets the user view the message exchanges till now as well as let you type a new message as assistant.
  • Restart Followup action will start sending the messages for the restarted leads from the first message in the sequence. This action is useful if you want to restart followup for certain leads on a different sequence.
  • Reply action will enable you to reply to the lead as Assistant.
  • User can leave a note by clicking the Add Note button.
  • Clicking on Cold button lets user manually mark the lead Cold.

By clicking on More option you can see various options open up.Following is the explanation of them:

  • Introduce Me is an important action. Assistant will send an email to the lead copying the user in that email. So that user is formally introduced and can take the communication ahead when the lead responds.
  • Continue Followup action lets you continue the Followup from where it stopped. This action is useful when Assistant may have received a response and you replied back too, but want to continue the remaining messages of the sequence for nurturing purpose.
  • Edit Lead action let you change the attributes like Name, Sequence, etc other than the email address. It also lets you change the Owner, Assistant of the lead.
  • Not at Risk When you (user) reply back to the lead copying Assistant, it is like letting the Assistant know that you have taken care, so do not put the lead at risk. If lead is already at risk then take it out of risk.
  • Unsubscribe action lets user manually unsubscribe a lead. Once a lead is unsubscribed it cannot be added back for any other lead source or context.
  • Mark Responded you can manually mark Responded to the lead when the lead has responded.
  • Mark Hot button lets user manually mark the lead Hot.
  • Mark Cold button lets user manually mark the lead Cold.
  • Edit Tags button will let you edit the tags for the lead.
  • Remind Me at times you may want to set a reminder for yourself on a specific lead and this action serves that purpose. Your Assistant will send you the reminder email on the set date and time.
  • Change Owner will let you change the owner of the lead.
  • Change Assistant will let you change the assitant of the lead.
  • Stop Followup will let you stop the followup emails. Action is useful when a user have to stop sending further emails.
  • Mark Moved Out There are many scenarios where leads to whom you are sending emails move out of the company. In that case you can choose this Option.

  • Action on multiple leads, multi select is an option to select multiple leads across one or multiple pages. After selecting multiple leads, select the action to be taken on them. This is an asynchronous action, it may take few second to 1-2 mins depending on number of leads and the load on the system. After waiting for sometime, you can refresh and note that the action/change is applied to the selected leads. Some actions, like Restart, Continue Followup are not possible on some leads like Unsubscribed, Bounced emails, etc and those would be skipped.

Export Leads

Can I export the leads into a csv or excel ?

Leads in the leads list can be exported by clicking on the export icon.
The export csv file contains below fields.

FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email, Company, Designation, Industry, State, SubState, Followup, CreatedDate, Assistant, LeadOwner

Filter Leads or Applying filters to the Leads

You can filter and search leads using different filter criteria as explained below:

  • Duration based search can be on Created, Modified or Sequence Date
  • Sequence based search lets you specify one or more Sequences used by the leads in the filter criteria.
  • Context based search lets you specify one or more Contexts used by the leads in the filter criteria.
  • State based search lets you specify one or more lead States. Deactivated and Unsubscribed states lets you also pick from the relevant sub-state.
  • Has Phone Number based search lets you search by if the lead has a phone number
  • Completed followup leads based search lets you search by leads whose followup has been completed
  • Leads with number of followups based search lets you filter leads in that specific range number of followups completed. By default, all leads irrespective of number of followups completed are shown. In other words, all leads with 0 or more followups completed will be shown by default.
    To filter leads where at least 4 followups have been completed, you can specifically select 4 as the minimum range, and 20 as the maximum range. One cannot have a sequence of messages more than 20 followups, hence 20 is the maximum number of followups.
  • Assistant based search lets you specify one or more Assistant in the filter criteria.
  • Owner based search lets you specify one or more Owners in the filter criteria.
  • Tags lets to filter the filter the leads having one or more selected tags. At times you may want to filter leads not have specific tags this is available under Advanced Filter
  • Broadcast based search lets you search leads based on broadcast messages.
  • Uploaded Files based search lets you specify one or more Uploaded Files in the filter criteria.
  • Clicked links can be used to filter out leads who have clicked one or links from the emails received. You also also type a link to search for clicked, and filter leads who has clicked a specific link.

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